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Hurrah! You are pregnant! Congratulations with your pregnancy!

In consultation with your obstetrician I will provide you with the maternity care you need.

Personal care:
In The Netherlands everyone is basically insured for maternity care. I will provide you with one on one care. During the intake meeting we can discuss about the number of hour for maternity care. In collaboration with your obstetrician, personal care can be extended. The number of maternity care hours is determined by the National Indication Protocol (LIP form). I will provide you with the LIP form during the intake meeting.

Intake meeting:
The intake meeting will take place at your house. This will be done in the 33rd/34th week of your pregnancy. Options are:
- 24 hours: this is an average of three hours per day, divided over 8 days.
- 49 hours: this is an average of six hours per day, divided over 8 days.

Partus childbirth assistance:
Together with your obstetrician I will help you with the childbirth delivery. The number of hours prior to the childbirth delivery will not be reduced throughout the whole care.
*** I will not provide assistance in case of a hospital delivery, there is hospital staff on duty.

24/7 start up certainly:
If the delivery takes place in the hospital and without complications, you can return to your home Upon request, even in the midnight hours, I can assist you. I will immediately execute the startup procedure, which takes approximately 3 hours.
*** Unless you will stay in the hospital till the next morning.

Rest is very important during the week. I will take care of:
- house keeping.
- bringing kids to school.
- breakfast & lunch.
- diner if desired

I will take care of your nutrition and I will be there even after your afternoon nap.
There should be nothing for you to worry about, I will ensure you enjoy your maternity week!


During the week the care taking is done by me, and i take care of the intake .

I bring the scale.

You know who is caretaking.

You can always call, mail or What's App me.

Maternity care is assured, in case i am precluded.